Business Cash Advance

As the lead product in the alternative finance industry, a Business Cash Advance is a quick solution for America’s small businesses. We are partnered with top Business Cash Advance funders; the program provides quick access to capital up too $2,000,000 with little or no documentation. You have the ability to fund your business account on the same day.


Merchant Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash Advance is a purchase and sales agreement of future receivables purchased by the funder at a discounted rate. You will get an advance in a lump sum for the remittance percentage of your business’s credit card and debit card transactions. A Merchant Cash Advance is tailored to your business and offers capital quick with flexibility.

Reverse Consolidation

A Reverse Consolidation is tailored to small business owners who are overextended with Business Cash Advances and short-term loans. We will work with you to lower your daily payments and stay on track.

Business Line of Credit

A Business Line of Credit provides flexibility to your small business that a traditional business loan does not. With a Business Line of Credit, you may borrow up to a pre-approved amount and pay interest only on the portion of the money that you actually borrow.

We help small businesses obtain the working capital they need quickly and efficiently!